Milliken celebrates 60 years at Roger Milliken Center, plants six cultivars of oaks

Current and former Milliken associates joined Halsey Cook in planting a Southern Live Oak, the first of 21 new oak trees being planted in the Milliken Arboretum. Photo provided.

Milliken & Company planted six cultivars of oak trees, 21 trees in total, to celebrate six decades of the Roger Milliken Center, which is home to the manufacturer’s global headquarters and innovation center. Opening in 1958, Milliken’s Spartanburg campus has developed over 80 percent of Milliken’s accumulated U.S. patents.

As a sign of commitment to the future and a representation of 60 years of service, six new oaks were planted in the Milliken Arboretum, which will now feature every type of thriving Southeastern oak tree. 

“As committed as we are to the good we can do today, we are as committed to the health and well-being of generations to come,” Milliken president and CEO Halsey Cook said in the release. “Trees are one way we plan for future generations and how they will hopefully inherit an earth and Spartanburg community from us that is better than we found it.”

Roger Milliken Center currently employs almost 1,000 Upstate associates. Milliken is an innovative, problem-solving manufacturer of specialty chemicals, floor covering, and performance and protective textiles.

“Sixty years ago, the Roger Milliken Center was developed to bring the brightest minds together to shape the next chapter of Milliken’s future,” Cook said in the release. “This campus continues to nurture and support all of the important characteristics we see in Milliken that have built our current success and will support our continued strength and leadership.”


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