Mitsubishi Polyester plans $100M plant expansion


Mitsubishi Polyester Film Inc. is investing $100 million to expand its Greer operations.

The investment will include the installation of a polyester film production line. Mitsubishi said it intends to use this line to support the growth of its business in both the U.S. and overseas markets. The company expects to complete the investment by the third quarter of 2017.

The plant employs more than 500 workers engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of a variety of specialty films used in industrial, packaging and electronics applications.

“This expansion further enhances our ability to support our customers and markets with value added low cost solutions, while at the same time providing employment for the more than 500 families that depend on our business for their livelihood,” Bill Radlein, president and COO of Mitsubishi Polyester Film America, said in a release.

The company’s first Upstate plant opened in 1964 and has grown its footprint from 95,000 square-feet upon its inception to nearly one million square-feet today.



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