Mark O’Halla aims to establish Prisma Health as leader in health care

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In his first 90 days as Prisma Health’s CEO, Mark O’Halla has already reorganized his leadership team, added several executive positions and raised hourly wages for employees. O’Halla says his management style is similar to how a doctor runs a clinic — a balance of transparency, care and innovation.

These changes are just part of O’Halla’s master plan. He says he wants to establish Prisma as a leader in health care — not only in Greenville- but across the Upstate and South Carolina, including smaller communities such as Greer and Laurens.

Mark O’Halla is three months into his position as CEO of Prisma Health.

“Each and every one of those communities are different; they have their own personality, their own culture,” O’Halla says. “So in all these communities, while many things are the same, from a health care perspective there are always nuances that we try to be very particular about and mindful of.”

Becoming one company

Having a uniform standard of care for every patient, no matter where they live or what condition they may have, will help fully integrate Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health into one system — Prisma Health, says O’Halla.

“It’s the same caliber, same process, same platform, and how we’re going to gauge success and integration is how quickly we get to that simple notion of eliminating all the variability and having a single standard of care for every patient that we take care of.”

O’Halla’s main goal is to fully integrate Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health into Prisma.

Plans are also in place to update all signage on buildings, technology and lab materials; increase hourly wages; and introduce telemedicine services, which will benefit patients in rural areas without access to a hospital or clinic. Updating signage and logos may seem trivial, but O’Halla says it is important in establishing a cohesive health system.

“It’s hard to get people to act like a team and a single organization if they look and sound different.”

Employee focus

Wage increases are also a major part of O’Halla’s integration efforts.

“The most important critical asset that we have in order to work well is our team, our employees,” he says. “It’s really difficult for me as the CEO of an organization to demand excellence from our team if they don’t feel like we’re seeing them as an important piece of that machine. And when you’re so far behind the market from a wage perspective, it’s kind of hard for me as an employee to go, ‘yeah, they care about me, I’m important to them’.”


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