New yoga studio opens in Village of West Greenville this weekend


A light-bulb moment during a meditation conference gave Katie Hughes the inspiration to renovate the building at 1270 Pendleton St., Greenville, she owned into Indigo Flow & Art, which opens Saturday, Feb. 17.

“I bought it in 2014 but didn’t know what to do with it,” Hughes says.

Next door, at 1272 Pendleton St., Hughes’ mother, Julie Hughes Shabkie, had owned her art studio since 2007. Now, the completely renovated buildings are combined into one contiguous space with an art studio at the rear. The left side of the two storefronts totals 1,100 square feet with the art studio, and the right side, the designated yoga studio, is 1,200 square feet, with an additional approximately 1,700 square-foot patio off the back, bringing the total to 4,000 square feet.

Hughes, who trained for her yoga instructor certification from 2016 to 2017, says she plans to use the studio to give back to the Village of West Greenville community in which she’s organized events since 2015. Her desire to include nearby residents in the local events and help underprivileged children has led her to commit a portion of class proceeds to offering free classes for at-risk children.

“Anytime you take a class, you pay it forward,” she says.

This new venture will allow Hughes to combine her background in dance (she attended the Fine Arts Center in high school) and desire to work with people in need.

“This is allowing me to be in dance and movement and do humanitarian work,” she says.

The studio is sparsely decorated, by design. Concrete floors, white-washed brick walls, and wooden benches are accented by pieces of local art hung along the walls. The art will rotate four times a year, each time featuring a few local artists. The back patio will serve as an event space and be used for classes when the weather cooperates.

Indigo, which comes from the color of the third eye of the chakra spiritual system used in Indian religions, will offer classes in vinyasa yoga as opposed to hot yoga seven days a week, with children’s classes offered on Saturdays.


Project partners:

Architect: AWHS Architects

General Contractor: Intercon Construction

Carpentry: Josh Bagwell

Logo design: Rooted

Exterior artist: Sunny Mullarkey

Art installation: Frameworks





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