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  1. Reading this grieves me, I’m a 37 yr non denominated missionary in Port au Prince Haiti. My husband and I are evangelical, we win souls, yet we have outlived donors, churches, mission boards and hopefully the trend in American churches to short term overseas trips. From ’81-’87 our Haitian church gathered under the stars 7 nights/week with aggregate wkly attendance in excess of 15K, poor illiterate peasants, no mega budget. After the fall of Duvalier, para militaries held guns to the heads of our bible school students and tore down a small building we scrimped and scraped to erect on the property – it was a death knell to our church. After decades of radio ministry, we started a TV show in ’05, today we are on 80 stations from Boston to Miami, cover the Caribbean, Haiti, France and have over 2 mil viewers (NYT even did a story on us) – but we can’t get a dime from American mega churches! “Missions” in these churches is controlled by their hierarchy, often limited to short term trips (which are completely ineffective) and you must be a part of the “club.” We just do not fit the bill; so we fast and pray and struggle to produce more shows which are watched by young, old, rich, poor, politicians, voodooist and drug dealers! (We don’t pay for airtime as our show La Bonne Nouvelle, The Good News, is in such demand.) Yet American churches do know or care who we are, often missionaries are regarded as a deficit, after all we are not donors! Sad but true, most missionaries leave the field for lack of funds; yet mega churches are rolling in the bucks. What’s wrong with this picture?

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