On the Move: Roger Stevenson

Roger Stevenson, GGC Ravenel Boykin Curry chair. Photo provided.

Roger Stevenson has been named the Ravenel Boykin Curry chair in genetic therapeutics at the Greenwood Genetic Center. Stevenson is the GGC co-founder and a senior clinical geneticist. In his new role, he oversees the growth of GGC’s treatment initiatives.

Stevenson will be supporting several cores of GGC’s existing treatment programs including birth defects prevention, newborn metabolic treatment, enzyme replacement therapies, and clinical trials.  His primary focus will be on novel treatments such as gene therapy and gene editing.

Stevenson will work closely with GGC faculty and staff to grow the Center’s involvement in advancing treatments and prevention strategies for patients to reduce the prevalence and impact of genetic disorders.

“The Greenwood Genetic Center can attribute its growth and success directly to the vision of Dr. Roger Stevenson,” said Steve Skinner, MD, Director of the Center. “We have done an international search to fill this very important position, but sometimes the best person for the job is already right in front of you. Dr. Stevenson possesses both the vision and passion for where we want to go, as well as the ability to pull together the resources and collaborations to help lead us there.”


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