Pacolet Milliken Acquires Cooper River Partners


Pacolet-Milliken Enterprises Inc. recently acquired Cooper River Partners, the owner and operator of Bushy Park Industrial Complex, a 1,600-acre industrial park in Charleston.

Bushy Park houses eight tenants and features businesses including Jacobs, Perigon Engineering, Phillips Industrial Services and SunChemical. According to a news release, the eight manufacturers have collectively invested $1.2 billion in the area and created thousands of jobs.

Additionally, Cooper River Partners supply energy, utility and infrastructure services such as steam, nitrogen, compressed air, process water and refrigeration, and deep-water and rail access, to its tenants at Bushy Park.

“The team at Bushy Park is very excited about Pacolet Milliken’s investment in this asset,” said Marc Fetten, president and CEO of Cooper River Partners, in a release. “The company’s values align very well with Bushy Park’s commitment to safety, environmental stewardship and focus on providing opportunities and employment for the people of South Carolina. Pacolet Milliken’s commitment to continuing the growth of technology-oriented and high-value-added manufacturing at this location will help recruit quality companies to our region.”


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