Power places


If you see a Who’s Who at one of these Upstate locales, they could be planning to change the world – or just grabbing a cup of coffee.


Richard Hagins


“I love the golf course. Thornblade, the Cliffs, a municipal course. I love those kinds of settings. I don’t like stuffy meetings and I prefer not to wear a tie. Sometimes I’ll have meetings at the Commerce Club, Nantucket, High Cotton or Blues Boulevard, a nice jazz place downtown.”




Hayne Hipp


“I like to have a business meeting in a conference room as opposed to going down and having a cup of coffee. So in my office, or in a conference room. Plus, I don’t have to have very many business meetings anymore, so that’s a real advantage.”





Craig Kinley


Growler Haus in Anderson and Spartanburg (maybe a little self-serving). Outside of that I’m a huge fan of Soby’s in Greenville. Been a fan since it opened 17 years ago. I’m real fond of what Carl [Sobocinski] is doing with his entrepreneurial activity in the culinary arts area.”





Maurie Lawrence


“I often ask people to go for a walk. I’ll say, ‘Let’s walk while we talk about that – and by the way, we have some beautiful places to walk.’”



Deb Richardson-Moore


“We meet here [at Triune Mercy Center] a lot. I also like Atlanta Bread Co. at Cherrydale, meeting people for coffee there.”


WhosWho_PowerPlaces8Dan Weidenbenner


“I love Methodical. Will Shurtz is a youth entrepreneur in my opinion, and he’s been incredible with coming and sharing his story with our teenagers and giving them confidence and awareness of what youth entrepreneurship is, so it’s been really cool to see him progress and open his own shop downtown.”



Nika White


“My husband and I really complement each other in terms of strategic thinking, so most of our business meetings – even though we don’t label them as business meetings – literally occur in front of the fireplace or sitting up in bed at night as we’re winding down for the evening.”



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