Power Places


One characteristic that unites the 2014 Who’s Who winners is that they refuse to stay chained to their desks. Here’s where you might find them making connections and having conversations around town.


Bob Morris

I do a lot at the Poinsett Club. If you want a private room, you can do that. I usually get the grilled chicken Caesar salad because it’s easy to eat that and talk at the same time. At a business lunch, I do a lot of talking – I don’t end up usually eating it.



Rick Davis

Anywhere from Main Street to our kitchen island; wherever the opportunity arises.



Carl Sobocinski

One of my dining room tables in the restaurant [Soby’s]. It is my favorite place to be.



Debra Clements

In the Customer Center at Milliken – it is comfortable and the environment is inspiring.


Michael Riordan

I like to go out to our cafeteria [at GHS]. For meetings with leaders here, I like to go to their space. It shows respect to them.



Walter Davis

I kind of bounce around. Sometimes it’s Starbucks, or I go to lunch, or in my office.



David Wilkins

Anywhere the opportunity presents itself, whether it is a board meeting, a football game or over lunch.



Bob Hughes

High Cotton. Because if you a need a lawyer there’s always one there. You also see lots of businesspeople who can add meat to or spice up your conservation.




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