SC Chamber Releases Legislative Scorecard


On Monday, the S.C. Chamber of Commerce released its legislative scorecard.

In its report, the Chamber praised the Legislature for funding infrastructure improvements to the tune of $600 million for roads and bridges. The group also lauded the timely passing of the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) Integrity bill, which forced compliance with some federal rules for reporting unemployment insurance claims. The Chamber says that bill will save businesses nearly $650 million annually.

Legislators were graded individually on how they voted on 35 pieces of business-related legislation. That included the Removal of DHEC Board Review (H.3827), which eliminated the DHEC board review of all permits; a change to the 2007 Energy Independence and Sustainable Construction Act (H.3592) that reduced the sustainable construction requirements for state facility projects; and the High Growth Small Business Access to Capital Act (H.3505), which provides tax credits for investment in high-growth startup companies.

Those who scored who scored a perfect 100 percent will receive a Business Advocate Award.

Upstate Perfect Scores

Sen. Harvey Peeler (Cherokee)

Rep. Bruce Bannister (Greenville)

Rep. Mike Burns (Greenville)

Rep. Derham Cole (Spartanburg)

Rep. Mike Forrester (Spartanburg)

Rep. Phyllis Henderson (Greenville)

Rep. Dennis Moss (Cherokee)

Rep. Garry Smith (Greenville)

Rep. Eddie Tallon (Spartanburg)

Rep. Mark Willis (Greenville)


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