SCRA invest $250K in Greenville-based startup Accessible Diagnostics


The South Carolina Research Authority has finalized a $250,000 investment for Accessible Diagnostics, a Greenville-based company that develops and distributes low-cost glucose meters and inkjet-printed test strips for glucose monitoring.

The investment will be used to finalize product development, manufacture the initial inventory, and launch sales of the company’s first proprietary product — a glucose test for dogs.

Called Vet-Tab, the test allows pet owners to monitor their diabetic pets’ glucose levels by swabbing the pet’s saliva instead of drawing blood. The swab, once inserted into a provided enzyme solution, will change color. Pet owners can then snap a picture of the swab with their smartphones, which will translate the color into a corresponding glucose level.

Accessible Diagnostics has also begun the regulatory process to sell human tests.

“Accessible Diagnostics can create enormous value by aggregating data to integrate into other digital health platforms being created in the market,” said Jill Sorenson, director of entrepreneurial programs at the South Carolina Research Authority. “We are excited to see the growth of the company and the impact to South Carolina.”



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