Secrets for curating a brand from Chick-fil-A


When Joe Erwin left Erwin Penland, he didn’t leave the creative community. He had a plan to bring people and ideas together through an umbrella company called Erwin Creates.

Meet Endeavor: 20,000 square feet of co-working space in the ONE building dedicated to helping people work, gather, and connect. The location includes six lockable offices, around 12 private desks and open space for up to 50 people.

Erwin’s goal for the co-working space is to cultivate a community among professionals and companies that wouldn’t necessarily know to work together without running into each other at Endeavor. The goal? Entrepreneurial involvement.

Along with a variety of memberships (varying from daytime memberships to lockable offices), Endeavor hosts monthly events called Collaborators & Cocktails. These networking events feature special guests from Erwin’s extensive business contacts to provide mentoring and help foster potential development opportunities. The goal? Shared success.

Speaking from experience working for well known, admired brands, guest speakers share tips on their creative processes and entrepreneurial journeys.

At last week’s Collaborators & Cocktails, Chick-fil-A’s New Ventures Senior Director John Featherston discussed using physical space to create brand loyalty. Since that space (or restaurant in this case) is actually where people experience and engage with the brand, it’s important to make that experience memorable.

“Make the difference that is distinctively yours,” Featherston said.

Chick-fil-A’s own brand identity revolves around customer service, but it isn’t just the people who deliver the service. The lighting, the open seating, and the surroundings (colors, artwork, placement) in every restaurant are a part of that identity. It’s up to the team to focus on a service culture to match the brand and achieve results.

“Pick something you would like to be very true of you and make yourself about 10 percent more of that this year,” he said.

Collaborators & Cocktails

These events are free for Endeavor members and $25 for nonmembers. Register in advance, because tickets are limited. The event starts with networking at 5 p.m., with the speaker giving a presentation and Q&A session at 5:45 pm.

The upcoming event dates and speakers are:

  • March 21 – Jonathan Gantt, director of new & creative media, and Joe Galbraith, assistant athletic director/communications, Clemson University Athletics
    • The marketing team of the 2017 College Football National Champions will share tips on how they drive fan engagement, recruit more players, support the development of facilities, and use success to help nonprofits.
  • March 30 – Fabio Tambosi, global football brand marketing director, Nike
    • As a leading voice of this iconic brand, this Clemson alum will share how Nike harnesses the power of its athletes to connect to its global consumer base.

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