Upstate Business Journal

A Collaborative Problem Solver

Former chief of inspections Johnny Wasson worked with developers to build a better downtown Greenville. Keep Reading A Collaborative Problem Solver
Digital Maven

Our New AI Overlords

Nearly half of all workers in a recent survey fear losing their jobs to artificial intelligence systems. The future is closer than we think. Keep Reading Our New AI Overlords

Listen Up

To give your customers what they want, you've got to hear what they're asking for. Keep Reading Listen Up
Digital Maven

There’s No App for This

The world is being changed by technology, and yet only a tiny percentage of the designers and developers of those changes are women. Pushing the needle requires a cultural change. Keep Reading There’s No App for This

Human Labor Is the Newest Luxury

If you want your community to flourish, then start making. Or encourage those around you to start making. There is a new future that will be made by hands. Keep Reading Human Labor Is the Newest Luxury

The Duke’s Century

What Eugenia Duke started 100 years ago by selling sandwiches to WWI soldiers has spread into a regional food empire. Keep Reading The Duke’s Century