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ABOVE: Bob Howard, president of the Greenville Tech Foundation, who will be retiring in December, closed his remarks at the annual Greenville Tech Foundation Workforce Development Salute by literally dropping the mic

I first met Bob Howard over lunch at Rick’s Deli, where I quickly learned how passionate he was about his work at the Greenville Tech Foundation. Bob is the definition of a salesman. He is personable and energetic, and he knows how to tell a great story. The product he sells is the idea of a bigger and brighter future for Greenville Tech. But when you talk to him, you see immediately it’s not the bricks, the buildings and machines that delight him – it’s the people in those buildings, using those machines to create their future.

During his eight years as president of the Greenville Tech Foundation, Bob has asked people for their money and time, which is sometimes more valuable than money. If you’ve ever had to help raise funds for an organization, you know how hard it is to do for just a few weeks or months, let alone every day for eight years. I think Bob’s secret is getting to see firsthand the lives that Greenville Tech has changed. That’s what drives his belief in the product he is pushing. This December, he will retire.

“My legacy is that this money will be in somebody’s brain… It’s going to come across that somebody helped me and I can help another person. I just believe in that with all my heart.”

Ralph Hendricks, Greenville Tech Workforce Development Salute Award Winner.

Bob opened and closed this year’s Greenville Tech Foundation Workforce Development Salute strong. He began by reading quick excerpts of letters from Tech students who had been awarded scholarships. These students’ words were powerful, citing just how their lives were about to change and how thankful they were for the help. Holding up a stack of letters several inches thick, Bob quickly reminded the audience that these were just the acceptance letters; the ones he had to deny scholarships to were much larger.

Take a look at this week’s Money Shot to see how he ended his tenure in style, dropping the mic and exclaiming, “Bob Howard, out!”

Greenville Tech President Keith Miller then took the stage and made sure to thank Bob and Les Gardner, the development director for the foundation, who is also retiring. He read quotes from others, as well; my favorite was from Leighton Cubbage, who said, “Bob leads from the front with a smile on his face.”

Bob and Les, we at UBJ believe in your product, too. Thank you for the years of dedication you have given to the Greenville Tech Foundation. Despite the millions and millions of dollars you have raised, your efforts are measured in more than dollar bills.



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