SEPTEMBER: Design Review Board Urban Panel

Rendering provided by Keel Concepts

Last Thursday, the City of Greenville Design Review Board Urban Panel approved with recommendations the exterior design of the Blue Ridge Brewing Company’s new downtown location and the design of the privately funded portion of the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s site plan.

Additionally, an application for a certificate of appropriateness for exception to sign ordinance for Harbinger at Lowndes Hill Road was approved, and the Camperdown Plaza materials and finishes plan review was postponed by request of the applicant until Oct. 5.


Blue Ridge Brewing Company

The panel approved an application for a certificate of appropriateness for adaptive reuse of the former White Horse Paper Co. at 405 Westfield St. to now be used as the Greenville location of Blue Ridge Brewing Co.

Rendering provided by Keel Concepts

The proposed updates to the exterior include repainting the existing façade a neutral color, opening the rear of the building to allow for outdoor seating, adding storefront openings to break up the monotony of the solid wall, and prominent reclaimed barn wood accents.

The plan also calls for street lamps along Westfield and the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail, which runs parallel to the building.

The updates were approved with recommendations that the property owner modify the south elevation of the building running parallel to the trail to be more visually impactful.

Suggestions include working with Art in Public Places to plan a mural for the visible wall, or enliven the exterior with some color or other elements to make a big visual impact.

“Would be nice if there’s a little something, maybe some color variation or something,” said DRB panel member Carmella Cioffi.

Joe Delaney, architect with Keel Designs who was representing the project, said a main reason for the simplicity of the design is due to restrictions placed on property in a FEMA flood plain. The renovations must not exceed the property value.

“Being in the flood way is almost as bad as being in the river itself,” Delaney joked.

Delaney said he would work with city staff to develop a plan for the suggested changes.

The Grand Bohemian Hotel

The panel approved the privately funded site plan for the landscaping and hardscaping around the Grand Bohemian Hotel, being developed by Kessler Enterprise Inc., which includes measures to stabilize the slope down to the river during demolition of the Wyche PA law firm, 44 E. Camperdown Way.

Rendering by Sottile & Sottile

The public portion of the site scape was given final approval by Greenville City Council members on Aug. 28.

As reported by the Greenville Journal in July, the city will take $3.5 million from its Economic Development Fund to pay for public improvements to Falls Park’s East Camperdown Way entrance.

Rendering by Sottile & Sottile

The private portion includes vegetation, stone to blend in with Falls Park, and screens to obscure the service entrance and mechanical equipment, with special attention given to maintaining the indigenous vegetation and grasses on the slopes to the river.

At this point, the construction will call for the removal of two heritage trees, a beech and sycamore, with no other tree removal plans. Should the demolition and construction cause damage to other trees and landscaping along with Reedy River, the panel recommended the applicant return to the DRB with an additional landscape plan.

Cioffi urged the applicants to preserve local historic sites they may encounter during the process that are not legally protected at this time.

“Our intentions are to tread lightly,” said Jack Reel with Thomas & Hutton Engineering.



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