SMT Group locates sales office in Greenville


SMT Group, an Illinois-based electromechanical components manufacturer, has announced plans to locate a new technical sales office in Greenville.

According to a press release, the office will be located at One Research Drive at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. It will be led by Deric Frisch, the company’s group director of business development.

Reinhard Buchmann, managing director of SMT Group, said the company selected Greenville for the new sales office because of the “growth of international companies moving into the Southeast.”

The office is expected to aid the company’s expansion within the automotive, medical, and consumer markets, according to Buchmann. SMT has traditionally focused on manufacturing insert molded fuel injectors for the automotive industry.

“The partnership with CUICAR will also enable us to be on the leading edge of new technologies and business resources,” said Buchmann.

He added that SMT is also in the planning stages of adding a production facility in Greenville “to support growth in the Southeast manufacturing sector.”

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