Spaces for artists, seniors slated for Village of West Greenville


    TGHA announces plans for The Gallery, The Manor and The Haven


    Studios for artists in the form of live/work spaces in the Village of West Greenville could become a reality if the Greenville Housing Authority (TGHA) moves forward with plans for The Gallery project.

    Located in the Westview community, TGHA is proposing to demolish seven existing apartments and a management building and convert the space into 12 one- or two-bedroom units with an art studio area for each. A new office/community building would be constructed and 66 current units would also be renovated in that community.

    The new community building at Westview could also be used for art shows and gallery space for artists to sell their work, said Cindi Herrera, spokeswoman for TGHA.

    “We wanted to open up some opportunities for artists in the area,” said Herrera. Plans are preliminary and TGHA is looking for community feedback on the concept, which has been well received in larger communities across the U.S. she said.

    The new community building at Westview could also be used for art shows and gallery space for artists to sell their work, Herrera said. “We want to throw the idea out to the community to see if it’s a concept that’s workable and viable.”

    TGHA has partnered with Arthaus, an artist-run collective advocating for a community arts center, and 10-4 Good City, a social entrepreneurship network, to seek community input on the concept, as well as possible qualifications for the artist lofts and other ideas, with a preliminary meeting held Jan. 26.

    Financing for the project has already been submitted and will come from low-income tax credits, so the artist live/work spaces would have rent income restrictions: $24,444 for one person and $27,936 for two.

    TGHA also has two new senior housing projects in the works in the Village of West Greenville: The Manor and The Haven.

    The Manor at West Greenville, located at 430 Perry Ave., will be a new three-story building with 55 new senior housing units. Construction at The Manor is expected to begin in March 2015 and be completed March 2016.

    The Haven at West Greenville will also be a new, three-story building, but with 42 new senior housing units, to be located at 81 S. Textile Ave. Construction at The Haven is expected to begin June 2015 and be completed December 2016.

    Residences at both properties will have washers, dryers and dishwashers in each unit. Shared amenities will include a library, beauty salon, computer lab and common spaces.

    In addition, TGHA will be redeveloping the existing Brookhaven and Westview communities. Brookhaven will receive a complete makeover of the 57 low-income housing units. A former Head Start building will be converted into new office/community space.

    Current residents of Brookhaven and Westview will either relocate to vacant public housing or receive Section 8 vouchers while the renovations are taking place. Those residents will have the right of first refusal to return to the refurbished communities, but past experience shows that most will not return, opting instead to keep on the voucher program and be able to live where they choose, housing officials said.

    Construction at both The Harbor and The Gallery is expected to begin in September 2015 with the renovations expected to be completed in December 2016. Residents will be relocated in April 2015.



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