SPRUCE Curated Interiors opens doors on Spartanburg’s east side

Faith Pope, left, and Mary-Stewart Loring, right, stand inside the space housing Spruce Curated Interiors and Top Drawer Curated Women's Consignment in Spartanburg.

The upscale interior design store SPRUCE Curated Interiors has opened on Spartanburg’s east side.

In January, Mary-Stewart Loring, originally of Spartanburg, purchased the 10,000-square-foot building at 844 S. Pine St. formerly occupied by Vintage Warehouse for her new concept.

The business officially opened in March after an extensive renovation of the facility.

SPRUCE and the new fashion boutique Top Drawer Curated Women’s Consignment, which is owned by Spartanburg businesswoman Faith Pope, occupy 5,000 square feet of the building’s main floor.

Loring and Pope said their sales have exceeded their projections so far.

“We’ve had a very strong first month,” she said. “The reception from the community has been great. We’re very grateful to everyone for the support. The interest has really grown.”


Loring’s space features a range of interior home décor items, furnishings, and artwork from eight vendors and four artists, including Atlanta-based Parker Kennedy Living.

The owner said customers from across the Upstate and beyond have come to visit the store.

Pope’s space includes a variety of high-end, gently worn garments, shoes, and accessories, in range of sizes.

“It has been a fantastic month,” Pope said. “We’ve been getting more clothes in and the foot traffic has been steady.”

She said Top Drawer has begun accepting pieces for its spring and summer collections.

For more information, visit www.sprucespartanburg.com, or www.shoptopdrawer.net.



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