UBJ Staff

Bo Leslie

Graphic Designer


My life has always included design.

I grew up the son of an amazing, hard working graphic designer and an entrepreneurial, equally hard working real estate appraiser (we can discuss his golf game later – SoCon Champ). I was around a drafting board, exacto blades and paste ups, etc. Advertising was/is in my blood. My grandfather had an agency that helped build Greenville as is it today (remember “the Motor Mile” at least???). I always heard and knew about him, but never understood this history until i was much older. Anyways, I took to the visual. I made band flyers, album covers and (thanks to some ole fashioned Leslie crash course training) worked my butt off as designer at a record store (VIVA LA MANIFEST).

Then I started working as a designer at Erwin Penland. Joe Erwin’s first job was at Leslie advertising. Joe’s group gave me my first “AGENCY” job. He had no idea the backstory either.

Was this “design” or timing. I never question that. All i know is that every step or move i’ve made has had a reaction. And that is what design is supposed to do. To cause a reaction. Be it relief, be it provocation. That’s my aim. A reaction.

Always, always go, if you don’t get there, so be it. You are better person than most for trying.

If you don’t try, you’re _____.

Greenville and the Community Journals will go further. We are all designing it.