UBJ Staff

Kate Madden

Sponsorships & Events Manager


“The part I love most about my job is peeling back the onion and finding out what is most important to the sponsor. I love taking their goals and creatively integrating them into our events. I don’t sew, but I know how to tailor the heck out of a sponsorship. It’s all about customization!”

Our Sponsorship and Events Manager since 2011, Kate is known for her handwritten thank-you notes (“I’m pretty sure the one I wrote to [Publisher] Mark Johnston after my interview might have gotten me my job,” she says), only a small example of her dedication and for our events sponsors and immaculate attention to detail.

A Tar Heel born and bred, her alma mater–Furman University–brought her to Greenville, where she serves on the Meals on Wheels Leadership Council, Junior League of Greenville’s Big Night Out Committee, and is a Chalice for Christ Church.

Other things the proud aunt of two would like to tell people about herself: “I’m a sheltie lover. Faith dependent. Cackle laugher. Triple sneezer. Keeper of our brands. Oh–and my friends make fun of me when I order at restaurants. I’m all about an ‘oaky and buttery’ Chardonnay. I definitely sound like Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally when I order my meal. Repeat offender of the phrase ‘I’d like that on the side, please.'”