Starbucks Coming to NOMA Square


Coffee lovers can rejoice. A new Starbucks is coming to NOMA Square in downtown Greenville.

“We have signed an agreement to bring Starbucks into the final retail location at NOMA – right next to Kilwins,” said Heather Meadors, director of community relations for JHM Hotels, which owns the Hyatt and adjacent NOMA tower.

JHM Hotels chose Starbucks because “we felt they fit nicely with the Hyatt brand, would be convenient for our hotel guests, and would serve the local community well with their long hours, great following, and because they’re just a great place to gather,” said Meadors.

The company hasn’t been given a start date for the build out yet. “We understand that they [Starbucks] have a fairly long list of projects ahead of ours. Therefore, we don’t have a date determined for opening,” she said.

Starbucks also operates a location in downtown at 550 S. Main St, across from Falls Park.



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