Taco Tuesday comes to The Cigar Boxx with The Pretty Taco

Steak tacos from The Pretty Taco Instagram

Think Greenville has reached peak taco shop capacity? If so, you just might change your mind once you see the newest taco shop in town.

The Pretty Taco, as it’s known on Instagram, is operated by Greenville resident Selina Elise. She’s been teasing followers for months with photos of authentic-looking tacos and is finally ready to announce she’ll be serving up tacos every Tuesday beginning Oct. 31, 5 p.m., at The Cigar Boxx, 23 College St. It doesn’t hurt that the cigar bar also boasts more than 200 single malt Scotches and more than 100 bourbons. Sounds like a doozy of a Taco Tuesday.

Elise will be making the tacos bakery style.

“I will commit to a number each night, and when they sell out, that’s it,” she says.

Those tacos may include ones with tilapia, sweet coleslaw, and sriracha lime mayo; steak with onions and cilantro; slow-cooked barbecue topped with sweet horseradish coleslaw; and traditional tacos al pastor.

Born in San Francisco and raised in New England, Elise moved to Greenville a year ago. Her family lived in the Mission District in San Francisco, surrounded by the best of the best in Mexican food and culture, she says.

“My cooking abilities are thanks to my grandmother, Guadalupe Garcia,” Elise says. “She cooked with love. Most of my memories are in the kitchen. If I wasn’t watching her and learning, I was eating.”

Elise says that when she cooks today, she’s looking for the same smell, taste, and quality she grew up eating.

She connected with Paolo Varvaro, The Cigar Boxx owner, one night when mutual friends introduced them at the bar.

“They brought me there one night, and I was taken by his hospitality and attention to detail,” Elise says. “One visit, Paolo and I got to talking about food, quality, and the good things in life. We agreed quality in all things, especially food and drinks as a way of life, so here we are.”



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