Tail Lights Dogs to expand Greenville dog-training facility


Tail Lights Dogs is planning to add more than 3,000 additional square feet to their current dog-training facility in early spring.

A growing dog community in Greenville prompted the upcoming expansion. Owner Stephanie Brooks said that Tail Lights Dogs’ fun training classes received an overwhelming response last year. “With the additional space, we will be able to provide new and different classes for dogs that need more space, such as reactive pups,” Brooks said.

The updated facility will hold private consultations for dogs with behavioral concerns. With the larger indoor space, Tail Lights Dogs will be able to apply to host trials for Nose Work, a scent detection program for search and detection teams.

“We have a program for puppies between their critical socialization age of 8 and 14 weeks that helps facilitate socialization and habituation to different people, novel objects, dogs, sights, smells, and helps new owners with common puppy problems.” Brooks said.

Also, pups can become certified Canine Good Citizens. The new classes will help train pups and their handlers who aim to specialize in therapy dog work.

“Greenville is such a dog-friendly city, and our goal has always been to help people raise well-rounded adult dogs who are able to take full advantage of all the wonderful, dog-friendly small businesses in the area and enjoy a full life with their families,” Brooks said.

Tail Lights Dogs is a state-of-the-art dog training, dog day care, and dog-boarding facility located at 284-E Rocky Creek Road in Greenville.


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