Tech colleges use ‘big data’ to help students choose careers


Six of South Carolina’s technical colleges, including Greenville Tech, will soon use “big data” to help its students to choose career paths that are best fits for their traits, available education programs and local workforce needs.

A contract with Smart Work | Network allows admissions and career services teams at the six technical colleges in the SC ACCELERATE consortium to use CareerChoice GPS.

CareerChoice GPS helps students identify which career paths are their “best fit” using predictive analytics. The tool uses each student’s hard-wired personality traits, learning behaviors and prior work experience .

Mark Stewart, the consortium’s director said the partnership is a “win-win-win strategy.”

He said students will know which career paths fit them, colleges will see higher retention and graduation rates and employers benefit from being able to have the data that matches the graduates’ credentialing and hard-wired potential to local and specific workforce needs.

SC ACCELERATE aims to expand educational and career pathways for adult learners, preparing them for high-skill/high-demand occupations in South Carolina’s expanding manufacturing sector.

The consortium includes Greenville Tech, Spartanburg Community College, Technical College of the Low Country, Tri-County Tech, Trident Tech and York Tech.


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