Ten At The Top celebrates 10th anniversary

TATT award
Barry Nocks, TATT founding board member, Dean Hybl, TATT executive director, Andrea Pietras, SCAPA president, Stephanie Monroe Tillerson, former Upstate Professional Planners co-chair, Michael Forman, Upstate Professional Planners co-chair, and Phil Lindler, Upstate Professional Planners co-chair, accepted the Outstanding Planning Advocate award at SCAPA's fall conference last year. Provided.

The goal that inspired the 10 counties of the Upstate to come together to form a group focused on addressing regionwide issues can be best summed up by the name of the group itself: Ten At The Top.

“The name has a double meaning,” said Dean Hybl, TATT’s executive director. “On one hand, it’s a reference to the counties geographically at the top of South Carolina. But more than that, it’s about coming together to rise to the top, to collaborate toward success.”

At a luncheon on Nov. 20, TATT is celebrating 10 years of regionwide problem solving and proactive planning. Special guest Gov. Henry McMaster is speaking at the group’s milestone achievement, noting TATT’s influence in making the Upstate a leading region for people to live, learn, do business and raise families.

From the “Teach at the Top” initiative, which succeeded in attracting and retaining teachers in the Upstate, to the “Connecting Our Future” mobility initiative, which is championing mobility and transportation projects to connect the region, the group has come to be known for its holistic perspective on how to foster growth.

“It’s about balancing growth with identity,” said Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts. “That’s why working together has been so critical. In my role as mayor I can see the importance of a regional approach, of approaching the Upstate as a single region as opposed to a collection of individual cities and counties. A lot of positive progress come from that collaboration.”

Hybl, for his part, can point to projects like the Upstate Air Quality Advisory Committee, established by TATT, which created the Clean Air Upstate campaign. Hybl also noted the more than 900 regional engagements and 40,000 participants who’ve worked with the group.

But most of all, Hybl said it’s the collaborative spirit fostered by TATT that he views as the group’s greatest achievement so far.

“We all have the same goals,” Hybl said. “People are focused on our families, our future and our Upstate — on working together today, for generations to come. That’s what matters most of all.”

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