Textile Hall


Historic photo available from the Greenville Historical Society

Built to house the Southern Textile Exposition, Textile Hall also had a stage and backstage equipment suitable for theater productions and could accommodate an audience of 5,000. The first Southern Textile Exposition held in Greenville was in 1915 in the warehouse of the Piedmont and Northern Railroad. Textile Hall was built in 1916-1917 on West Washington Street. The building was designed by J.E. Sirrine and Company at a cost of $130,000. The five-story Renaissance Revival building featured a limestone tablet on its facade bearing the initials STE for Southern Textile Exposition and the words “Textile Hall.” The last textile show took place in the old building in 1962. The new Textile Hall opened on Highway 291 in 1964; it is now known as the TD Convention Center.

From “Remembering Greenville: Photographs from the Coxe Collection,” by Jeffrey R. Willis

Photo by Greg Beckner

Textile Hall was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The building was demolished in 1992. Today the property is the site of one of the buildings that make up Saint Mary’s Catholic School. A South Carolina historic marker stands where the textile hall once stood. The marker was erected by the City of Greenville and the Hampton-Pinckney Neighborhood Association in 2006.




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