The Anchorage restaurant coming to Village of West Greenville


What does the executive chef of Restaurant 17, owners of The Community Tap and the Village of West Greenville have in common? A new restaurant in the Village called The Anchorage located at 586 Perry Avenue, next to Knack Furniture and across the plaza from Community Journals.

“Opening my own place has always been a dream and was a goal when I moved back to Greenville several years ago,” says Greg McPhee, who currently serves as executive chef of Restaurant 17 at Hotel Domestique in Travelers Rest. McPhee studied at Johnson & Wales University and did stints at The Cloister at Sea Island and several restaurants in Columbia. He served as executive sous chef at Sean Brock’s Husk restaurant in Charleston and later brought High Cotton to Greenville.

McPhee will be the majority owner of the new restaurant and The Community Tap owners, Mike Okupinski and Ed Buffington, are investors. The three became friends over the years, live in the same neighborhood, and “share a vision on how we want the Greenville food scene to evolve,” said McPhee.

“We’re honored and grateful to be associated with The Anchorage and Chef McPhee, whom we’ve always admired, not only as a chef, but as a friend,” said Okupinski. “The Village of West Greenville is an extremely exciting part of the development of our beautiful city.”


It took a while to find the space and “partners that share your vision,” said McPhee. “The Village was something I never really thought about, but the charm of the building and how The Village has developed drew me to the space.”

McPhee says they looked at “safe” spaces around Greenville and near his home in North Main. “But, the Village has a really great local vibe, with the right price point. The architecture- and the feel- you really can’t replicate it anywhere else in Greenville.”

The ambiance of The Anchorage will be very open and comfortable with a neighborhood restaurant vibe, says McPhee. The upstairs will feature an expansive bar as well as a small rooftop terrace. There is planned outside seating on the future plaza in front of the building and the restaurant will incorporate an open kitchen concept featuring a wood-burning Argentine grill.

Food will be similar to what McPhee’s developed at Restaurant 17 with ingredients sourced locally when possible. Expect to see a local beef option, quail, duck or squab, rainbow trout and an ever evolving menu along with house-made charcuterie, bread and ice cream, as well as seasonal produce, local beer, wine and craft cocktails. McPhee says he wants to keep the price point to “around $7 to $20 a plate.”

When coming up with the restaurant name, The Anchorage, McPhee says it just fit. “One of the definitions in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is something that provides a strong hold or connection. Well we’re laying down our roots in the neighborhood with the first full-service restaurant open for dinner and we want that energy to overflow into the neighborhood.”

The Anchorage will be open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner and Sunday for brunch. As the Village developers, McPhee says he will consider opening Friday and Saturdays for lunch. He’ll be staying on at Restaurant 17 until the end of July to help find a replacement and says it’s an amicable split.

Expect to see pop-up dinners and events around town for a preview of The Anchorage cuisine (details via social media) before the restaurant opens.

For more information,; Facebook: /theanchoragegvl;   Instagram: @theanchoragegvl and Twitter: @theanchoragegvl


Project partners:

Architect: Stewart Stenger, Craig Gaulden Davis
Current Partners: Greg McPhee, The Community Tap


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