Three veterans specializing in ops management, counseling, and strategy seek employment


By Robyn Grable, founder, Service to Civilian

So you want to hire a hard-working, get-the-job-done superstar? They do exist – they are called veterans.

Armed Forces veterans have the proven ability to learn new skills and concepts with an accelerated learning curve. Veterans are constantly training and developing new skills. They bring this capability to your workforce with identifiable and transferable competencies, proven in real-world and diverse situations.

Veterans excel at performance under pressure. They understand the hardships of tight schedules and limited resources. They have developed the capacity to know how to accomplish priorities, no matter what. They know the critical importance of staying with a task until it is done right.

Veterans know the meaning of teamwork. They have learned to work side by side with individuals regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and economic status as well as mental, physical, and cultural backgrounds. They have the sensitivity to cooperate with many different types of individuals and work within teams that are constantly changing.

Veterans know what it means to do a job bigger than themselves without blinking an eye. Their integrity translates into qualities of sincerity and trustworthiness.

This week, we’re profiling three veterans who could be great additions to your team.

Veteran Profiles – In each recurring article, we will highlight two to three veterans currently seeking their next great career after the military. With years of training to do jobs with direct civilian compatibility, veterans will immediately hit the ground running, integrate into your organization, and add value from day one.

Operations Management – Production, Lean Manufacturing, Maintenance, Safety

  • Solid reputation as a highly effective and innovative leader in plant management, maintenance and safety management, and project management as an Army engineer captain, leveraging an unparalleled long-term vision and attention to detail to increase operational efficiency
  • Suited for handling complex situations due to strong acumen in efficient time management, lateral organizational communication, and problem solving
  • Highly proficient at gap analysis, continuous improvement, implementation of new projects, and motivating a culture of success that seeks results.
  • Interested in pursuing senior management positions bringing 15-plus years of experience

Core competencies

  • Visible leader that is engaged, approachable, and highly energetic promoting a culture of change and efficiency with strong customer focus
  • Known strategist who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks for performance against key operational objectives
  • Expertise in lean manufacturing with an extensive scope of responsibility and a proven track record of delivering optimal results in a high-growth environment that exceeds operational goals and yields measurable outcomes
  • Strong operational process improvement background through effective cost reduction, tactical planning, productivity gain, and revenue growth strategies


Eleven years of executive management and leadership experience. As an active-duty naval officer (naval aviator/information dominance warfare officer), progressed from project manager to senior administrator. Looking for a position within the educational system at any level to utilize desire to coach, counsel, and develop students.

Professional accomplishments

  • Developing Future Leaders/Mentorship. Coached over 600 students at Greenville Technical College. Devoted over 120 hours to training, hosting practice oral examinations, and facilitating oral qualification boards for over 60 naval officers resulting in a 93 percent pass rate of newly qualified information dominance leaders.
  • Program Development. Organized and led a sexual assault prevention and response program for over 2,000 employees during a period of heightened sexual assault awareness within the Department of Defense. Managed the training of 11 victim advocates across five organizations, developed a 24/7 sexual assault response hotline, and supervised over 10 large-scale awareness events. Developed a sexual assault checklist that was used to improve a Department of the Navy instruction for sexual assault response.


Masters of Arts in Counseling, Projected: 2018 | Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Leader and Strategist

Leader, innovator, and visionary with over 30 years of combat-proven leadership and senior-level strategy experience within large and diverse organizations operating in complex environments

  • Active top-secret security clearance (last updated: August 2014)
  • Tested leader, innovator, and systems thinker in regional economic development strategy development and operational planning
  • EcoDistrict-accredited professional
  • In partnership with ReThink Advisors and Black & Veatch, developed a planning, execution, and assessment framework based on the EcoDistrict Protocol for communities and municipalities to implement sustainability in a pragmatic, systems-based, and transparent manner to achieve their long-term prosperity and security goals.
  • Launched LHCG to deliver long-term, attractive returns by providing capital to meet demand for sustainable, walkable, and healthy communities. Primarily responsible for developing a business strategy to capture market opportunities in medium-sized cities in the areas of energy- and location-efficient housing, intra-city rail systems (light rail and streetcar), and district infrastructure related to renewable energy, water, and connectivity.

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