Time To Get Serious About Your Company’s Data?


DEREK DAVIS, Principal Managing Partner

Natural disasters can occur at any moment and without warning.  Hurricanes, earthquakes and fires can cause billions of dollars in damages and take precious lives as well.  These events get a lot of attention, but as damaging as they are, they are not the most common,  nor the most dangerous causes of data loss.

If you are a business owner, you should be aware that data loss occurs everyday, not just during a natural disaster.

So what is the the biggest cause of data loss?

SURPRISE! The Number One Cause of Data Loss is – Your Own Employees!

To reduce the risk your business faces from these unforeseen disasters, you MUST have data protection in place, including email backup, archiving, and recovery.

Statistics show that nearly two thirds of all data loss is caused by human error.  Some of the top reasons include:

Human Error – accidental deletion of data or other errors.
Exiting the Firm – taking knowledge or access to data with them.
Malicious Intent – purposefully deleting or damaging data.
Non-Compliance – Not following proper data access/storage procedures.
Email Backups – The Cloud Isn’t Enough!

It is a fair statement that most businesses would not survive with a prolonged Email outage.  In many situations, Email is the primary means of collaboration between customers, vendors, partners, and employees.  Perhaps your Email is “in the cloud” – hosted at a provider’s data center.  Microsoft, Google, and others provide this service, but you should know they are not liable for email loss or corruption… and they will NOT help you retrieve lost emails.

If you are a business owner, you should be aware that data loss occurs everyday, not just during a natural disaster.

There are services that will perform automated email backups for all your employees.  You should also consider who has access to your email Administrative Credentials.  Testing the functionality of your backups periodically also.

Cyber Security and Backups

It should not surprise anyone that email is a favorite target for Cyber Criminals.  If the security of your email system is compromised, your business email could immediately be hijacked (meaning your entire mailbox including email, contacts, calendar, etc. can be stolen), or encrypted and held for ransom.  Cyber Criminals can have your incoming and outgoing messages copied to them, etc.

If you have users with data stored on their computer hard drives, that data also needs to be backed up.  Often laptops are accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen.  If your employees have sensitive or confidential data stored on laptops, those should be encrypted so the data cannot be retrieved by the bad guys.

Your company’s data security and integrity should be top-of-mind items for you.  Most of these things sound like common sense.  And, to a large degree, they are.  However, there has never been a better time to use some common sense and protect yourself and your company.   

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