Top 5: Productivity apps to organize your workload

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Even the most goal-oriented and organized individual has trouble focusing on his/her present task. Minds wander, but fortunately there are apps on the market whose sole purpose is to help you maximize your time. Don’t allow yourself to fall behind—download these Top Productivity Apps and watch your efficiency take off.

  1. ToDoist

Phone reminders can only take you so far. Some of us need a more regimented structure to hold us accountable—this is the perfect app for that. It combines intelligent software with organizational tools and ease of collaboration. Write out your list of tasks for the day, and this app will categorize them based on date of completion, filing the entry in the applicable section. For example, the app automatically sets alarms for things like meetings, and files the task into the corresponding ‘meetings’ section. You can also set tasks for your team—plan and assign projects to individuals, discuss important details and stay up to date on deadlines.

  1. Slack

Slack is one of the most highly regarded workplace communication platforms. Companies like Target, Capital One and Oracle regularly use it because it’s an incredibly effective productivity booster. It’s the alternative to mass emails, which can get confusing and bog you down. With Slack, all your workplace communications are searchable and easily accessible—you can even integrate other platforms like Google Docs, DropBox and Trello to be able to more readily connect to your colleagues.

  1. Toggl

If you start tracking your time, you’ll notice pretty rapidly what you’re actually spending all those hours at work on. Toggl is a free time-tracking app for android and iOS for desktop forums, but is most more popular as a web-based platform. The best part about Toggl is that you can connect it to add-on websites— Chrome, Mozilla, etc.—and it will store data regarding your productivity on these web tools. Use their auto-tracking feature to start automatically timing your tasks when certain keywords or programs are entered.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect online notebook that allows you to write your ideas, notes, and to-do checklists. You can scan documents to keep track of tickets, receipts or anything else you might need to organize and access quickly. The app has a feature that allows you to take clippings from online articles and documents—recipes, interesting facts, work-related references—and upload them on the app.

  1. Trello

Trello provides a new way to organize your projects. Instead of standardized lists, they offer a moveable display of boards and cards to hold your ideas. Create a card for anything that needs to be completed and each individual card can contain written descriptions and lists. Create boards for each step in the completion process: to be completed, in process, and completed. Organize your boards in whichever way suits you, and move the cards to their appropriate board depending on which steps have been completed.


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