UST Logistics makes Greenville home to new headquarters


ABOVE: UST Logistics partner and Chief Administrative Officer Scott Moore. ]

There are a lot of logistics involved in moving UST Logistics from its current facilities in Hendersonville, N.C., and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., into a 6,200-square-foot space in downtown Greenville. The former home of ProAxis Physical Therapy, the walls are peppered with workout photos that need to be replaced, the old cubes will evolve into new workspaces and larger rooms need to be turned into offices. Sounds pretty typical, but it must happen by Monday, Sept. 26, when the staff arrives.

No problem – it’s logistics. And that’s what UST does. The company is a national third-party delivery company whose clients are primarily big-box appliance and furniture stores. Their forte is “last mile deliveries” from the warehouse or loading dock to the customer’s home. Their client roster boasts major national retailers like hhgregg, Conns and Ashley Home Stores.

We caught up for a conversation recently with partner and chief administrative officer Scott Moore.


With offices, field staff and divisions all over the country, why did you choose Greenville?


Greenville really offered what we needed to take our company to the next level, in terms of logistics, transportation, the airports and the size of the city. We love the city. And we think it will attract the talent that we want to our company, that the city will make for an environment that our current employees will enjoy working and living in. Field members are coming from all over the country. So when we were trying to decide what city could we bring the most people into, Greenville was a pretty easy win for us.


Is your move a relocation or an expansion?


Actually, both. In addition to moving our field support team, all our senior-level regional management will come here as well as our four partners/vice presidents. We’ll also be adding two new departments and that will create 10-12 new positions. We will have a total of 50-51 staff here and operate as the corporate headquarters. Accounting services will remain in Florida.


Your territory alignment is different than what most of us are familiar with. Can you explain?


We have 90 locations in 20 states that are distribution points. We are client-aligned, not geographically aligned. Using Conn’s as an example, we have a Conn’s division with a dedicated VP and a regional [manager] under him. Other regional staff may be geographically broken up from that point, but they are still under the Conn’s division. A regional manager for Conns and hhgregg could be in the same city at the same time. We’ve been client-aligned for a few years and really feel in our business it is the best way to provide service to our clients.


How many trucks do you have?


All our trucks are owned and operated by independent contractors. There are roughly 250 contractors running 400-500 trucks.


With that type of structure, what do you look for as growth?


Our year-over-year growth has been great. We really don’t see that slowing down. We have been very conscious about not growing beyond what we can handle. Because adding a new client for us means adding an entirely new division to the company, we want to make sure it’s a good partnership for both of us. So that doesn’t happen overnight. But I think we’ll take on a couple of new large clients and expand in states, clients, trucks, employees.


E3 is UST’s guiding principle. What does it mean and why is it so important to you?


Execute Excellence Every Time is more than a slogan on our website. It has become the way we live every day. From everyone playing their part in keeping our immediate environment looking the way it should to having the contact team [delivery truck] show up at the house neat and professional. Those are just two ways we back up our battle cry of executing excellence every time.

We are a brand extension of our clients. Customers don’t know who is delivering their refrigerator. They just know that I bought something from hhgregg and the delivery guys did a great job. That’s where the E3 philosophy comes in. We don’t want it to be a typical delivery. We want them to feel like the red carpet is rolled out for that delivery. Your refrigerator is the most important thing we’re doing at that moment.


Community commitment seems very important to your company.


We have a commitment to and passion for the community, and an important part of our company is a humanitarian focus year-round. We love working with children and families in need and have usually done that around the holidays. But we network throughout the year to find situations where we think we can help people each year. Last year, we sent a Columbia, S.C., family that had lost their home and belongings during the flooding to Disney. We sponsored a trip home to Malaysia for a woman who had not been able to get home to visit her aging mother for several years.

It’s company-wide and we set up GoFundMe pages where clients, vendors, employees and their families can contribute. And then we match those contributions. We do have a budget, but our actual commitment is often more than that once we see what a family needs. We used to conduct the program anonymously but started talking about it because we wanted to attract like-minded people to come be a part of this.


The last word?


Delivering sofas and refrigerators may not seem the most exciting profession. But we are very passionate about the company, about trying to provide a place that our team members are proud to be a part of.





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