» The best candidates will quantitatively demonstrate business success (financial results, career growth), community involvement, leadership ability (public profile/reputation), and influence (impact on the Upstate region specifically).


» Nominees and/or Nominators may be contacted to provide further information.


» All submissions will be voted on by a neutral, 3rd party panel of community leaders.

» Nominees must be residents of the Upstate, South Carolina.

» Past winners are not eligible to win again.

» Duplicate entries do not increase someone’s chances of being selected by the panel. Winners are not selected based on quantity of nominations.

» Know a deserving candidate, but unsure which award category best suits the nominee? No problem: Simply select the “Other” Award Category in the Nominee Information section below; provide details of the nominee’s contributions in the “Additional Information” section; and leave it to our expert panel of judges to determine the best fit.