In a word: The Who’s Who winners


Dan Weidenbenner


“I can see the potential in any given situation.”

Richard Hagins


“That’s what people said in the Navy all the time. People who have been with me for a while would say they often see the commander come out. I try to be more of a listener, with a laid-back leadership style, but then the commander can come out.”

Craig Kinley


“A lot of people say I have a lot of tenacity. But passionate would probably be the biggest word. Sometimes I get very passionate about something and I’ll use my hands to gesture and people will think that I’m getting angry, but it’s really just that passion coming out of me, saying ‘Let’s get this done, what do we need to do, where do we need to go?’ I’m very passionate about what I do in my personal and business environments.”

Nika White


“I think it was Randy Carlson who said that you don’t have to do too much to fail; sometimes failure just happens. But to be successful requires great intentionality. When you’re intentional about it the passion is going to be there, the planning is going to be there, and then you have the right perspective to be able to emotionally deal with whatever the circumstances are.”

Maurie Lawrence


“Really hard-working. Unusual. Team player. Unable to be described – what’s a word for that?

Deb Richardson-Moore


“I’ve been blessed with good health and energy, and that’s been good in this job.”

Hayne Hipp

“That’s for someone else to say.”



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