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BSI Companies acquires Hewitt Coleman & Associates

The acquisition includes Hewitt’s group health, workers’ compensation, property, casualty and liability business units, which will be integrated into BSI.

Remembering Robert Chapman

Kindness, humility, and empathy – with every fiber of his being, Robert “Rob” Hett Chapman III exemplified those characteristics and used them to weave a legacy for bettering the people, places, and things that crossed his life’s path.

The dangers of sleep deprivation in the workplace

Sleep matters, and in South Carolina’s manufacturing ecosystem, it’s tied directly to the bottom line. Studies across the board have identified sleep deprivation as not only a safety hazard but also a liability on a company’s finances.

How to create and manage a successful internship program (Part 2)

While the nature of an internship may require independent work, it’s important to provide guidance and feedback during projects, especially in the event of hiccups, mistakes, and challenges.

How to create and manage a successful internship program (Part 1)

The key to a successful internship is to build a strong foundation before the interview process begins. First, develop a clear job description. Second, ensure you and your team have the time and energy to guide your future intern. Third, consider aligning yourself with an educational partner to filter your talent pool.

5 ways to improve client communication

Communication is the key to business success, but very few of us are talking the same language or even using the same patterns.

Kloeckner Metals will open expanded Greenville facility on Oct. 16.

Kloeckner, a producer and distributor of sheet metal products in the U.S., has invested $11.3 million to expand its Greenville County facility at 1 White Horse Road and create 19 jobs.

Changing our perceptions of trade jobs is the first step to...

My perception of the trades almost cost me a life-changing opportunity. Many believe that trade jobs are dirty and dangerous, that they require little skill or thinking, and that they offer virtually no career advancement. Pop culture depicts trade workers as bumbling, poor, uneducated, lazy, and rude. These stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth, as I learned early on.

Kilgore to chair Greenville Chamber in 2019

The Ogletree Deakins attorney has served on the chamber’s board for five years and is also its vice chair of business advocacy.

The Myth of the Born Leader: A conversation with Manfred Gollent

Upstate Business Journal Publisher Ryan Johnston sat down with the certified business coach and founder of QLI International to learn more about good leadership.

Mario, we hardly knew ye

The world of plumbing and video games was stunned recently by a shocking revelation about Super Mario. On Nintendo’s official webpage, an updated resume revealed that its beloved mascot was no longer a plumber!

Three vital considerations for your web presence (Part 3)

The third and final vital consideration in this series centers on the question, “Does my web presence pass the differentiation test?”

How distance running helped me refocus my business strategies

Goals matter. Be accountable. The right outlook is key.

BMW announces senior management changes

Spartanburg County-based BMW Manufacturing Co. on Tuesday announced five senior management changes, including Sherry McCraw was been name vice president of assembly at the plant near Greer.

A Q&A with Derek Pedersen, CEO of Fusion Web Clinic

We sat down with Fusion co-founder Derek Pedersen to discuss everything from the company’s software to its plans for the future.

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