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Hiring veterans can be beneficial for employers, too

In addition to the multitude of skills, dedication, and work ethics each veteran brings to your organization, your company may qualify for several tax credit/incentive programs.

Is Your Company Ready for the “#MeToo” Movement?

Five Steps to Prevent Workplace Harassment By Stephanie E. Lewis, Esq. Jackson Lewis, P.C. It’s 9:00 Monday morning, and you get a call from your Vice...

President of The Children’s Museum of the Upstate resigns after 8...

TCMU will begin searching for a new president and CEO who will maintain the organization.

Surviving the summertime slowdown

That time of year is here. Business seems to slow down amidst summer vacations, long weekends, and afternoon “meetings” on the back nine.

BBB opens nominations for 2018 Business Integrity awards

The applications deadline is Aug. 31, and the nominations deadline is Sept. 14.

How employers can attract, engage, and retain veterans

According to the latest report from the Department of Defense, there are more than 50,000 active duty military service men and women here in the state of South Carolina.

What I learned from political attack ads in 2018

With about a week to go in every election, I start collecting the various pieces of media that get jammed in my mailbox every afternoon.

A whole new world of hiring: it’s a candidate’s market

It’s a candidate’s market. They are in control. If they want more, they’re fighting for more. They know the ball is in their court.

Takeaway: Why a company culture of caring breeds success

Publix, the country’s largest associate-owned grocery store, has always known what it stands for. Its tagline, “Where shopping is a pleasure” hasn’t changed in its 88-year existence.

Why marketing is critical to the age of innovation

Companies often focus so heavily and intently on product innovation that they forget about marketing that product to the right audiences in the right way. And if you don’t do that, you end up with a great, innovative product that no one knows about.

Well-being services for Spartanburg’s small-business employers expanded in pilot program

Spartanburg businesses with 50 or fewer employees will be able to offer unprecedented well-being services thanks to the Wellville Exchange, which is in the early stages of planning.

So, you want to write a book. Don’t (yet)

It seems like an inordinate number of people are deciding that now is the time to write a book.

Takeaway: Cybersecurity is serious business

Many breaches are unintentional: Emails from unknown senders are opened, Outlook auto-fills the wrong email address, security protocols are not enforced when working from home; the list goes on.

Performance accountability will set up newly hired veterans for success

By Robyn Grable, founder, Service to Civilian This is the final piece in a three-part series on hiring veterans. In the first installment, we looked at...

Making your press conference mean more begins with one simple question

Ninety percent of the time a press conference is a waste of time for everyone involved — the media, the client, and the public relations firm.

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